Experienced Investigators

Experienced investigators who are currently working at the SEE-DRUG projects are:

Field of expertise

Dr. Christos Chassapis
Dr. Athanassios Galanis

Field #1: Peptide/protein labeling strategies for NMR studies, data analysis & structure determination

Dr. Detlef Bentrop

Dr. Stavros Bariamis

Field #2: Expert in Bio-NMR Spectroscopy Applications

Dr Manousos E. Kambouris,

Dr. Andrew Stewart
Field #3: Protein Crystallography & Biomolecular modeling/simulation

Dr. George Lagoumintzis

Dr. Sotiris Sideris
Field  #4: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Dr. Alexandra Patmanidi

Dr. Christina Kyrousi

Field #5: Confocal and Functional Microscopy

Dr. Panagiotis Panopoulos

Dr. Zongmin Zhou,

Dr. Glynos Constantinos

Field #6: In vitro assays used in vascular biology and inflammation

Dr. Vasilis Kotsikoris

Dr. Athanassios Spathis

Field #7: In vivo & ex vivo assays used in vascular biology and inflammation

Dr. Marianthi Georgitsi

Field #8: Data acquisition/integration, database development & curation