2nd EAB meeting 13-14 May 2013

The second External Advisory Board Meeting was organized jointly with the 2nd SEEDRUG workshop and was held the period at 13-14 May 2013.

During the EAB meeting, project Coordinator, described the performed and the planned activities of the SEEDRUG project and commented on the deviation of the original time-plan related with the acquisition of the research equipment (700MHz NMR instrument, update of confocal microscope and light imaging facility, intravital microscopes and myographs). The reasons for the deviation in the acquisition of the research infrastructure were mainly due to the time-consuming public procurements and in some cases, additional time for the negotiation with the company, extensive market survey, establishment of the technical specifications etc.

Delay of the equipment acquisition has influenced the appointment of some experts, who were planned to work on the acquired equipment and the technical staff and the transfer of the knowledge through twinnings.

The EAB members visited the S&T equipment installation and commented on the capacities of the SEEDRUG instrumentation to provide service and access to external users.