UPAT and SEEDRUG project had a major contribution in the construction of the so-called “Greek National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures”. UPAT’s proposal, namely “UPAT-RISF” lays in the field of Functional and Structural Studies of Drug Targets and aims to the development of a National Research Infrastructure (RI) at Western Greece Region with the participation of Universities of Patras and Ioannina including the branch of Foundation for Research & Technology - Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology sited at Ioannina, as well. The proposed action is based on the REGPOT SEEDRUG S&T capacities and is designed to provide access and know-how to external regional, national and international academic and industrial users. “UPAT-RISF” is one of the two nodes in “INSPIRED” RI, an Infrastructure in the field of Biological & Medicinal Sciences. For more info please follow the link: