Imaging – In-Cell studies

Expertise Confocal and Functional Microscopy – applications in (a) Advanced Light Microscopy, including Epi-fluorescence Wide-field Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Time-lapse Microscopy, quantification and analysis of bioimages and related software, (b) application of advanced functional imaging techniques including FRAP, FLIM, FLIP, and FRET measurements and related analysis, (c) sub-cellular ablation systems (d) molecular and cellular biology methodologies.

Assistance and advice to users for setting up studies of biomolecular function by Advanced Light Microscopy. Training of young investigators in functional imaging techniques, participate in training activities of the program and every-day support to users of the facility. Assistance to constant updating of procedures and methodologies in this rapidly evolving field. Identification of proteins partners, or protein-lead drug interaction will provide an input to NMR expert for NMR-based structural characterization of these interactions.