Dissemination – Conferences

The objective of these activities is to develop the international reputation of the UPAT and to enhance scientists' and non-scientists' awareness of SEE-DRUG's scientific achievements. The scientist-oriented dissemination of novel knowledge gained through the SEE-DRUG project will be carried out through publication in high-impact specialized journals and by presentations at international conferences.

It is planned that the participation of the SEE-DRUG key representatives and experienced researchers in international scientific meetings, conferences and workshops will have as objective the diffusion, via oral presentations, short papers and posters, of the results, the scientific achievements and the existence and availability of the established SEE-DRUG Infrastructure. Participation in meetings of Large-Scale Infrastructures (NMR or Sychnotron facilities Users Meetings), will permit to SEE-DRUG members to introduce the upgrading of the research capabilities of UPAT through the successful implementation of SEE-DRUG project.

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Research results produced by SEE-DRUG project initiatives are now being published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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