Brokerage Events – Info-days

The objective of the organization of activities such as Seminars, Info days and Links with Industrial, is to strengthen the links with industrial and R&D partners in the field of (bio)pharmaceutical technology not only in regional and national level, but also in EU and International level.

Seminars will be organized on a periodic basis and will focus on innovation building by UPAT and transfer of technology with industry/stakeholders. Researchers will give seminars while scientists from Greek Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries/SMEs have already been contacted. These seminars will focus on innovation capacity building and for UPAT and the transfer of technology with industry/stakeholders.

Info days will be also organized with the aim to create links between UPAT staff and regional/national industry to promote growth and development and to inform research community and relative SMEs on SEE-DRUG project for the employment of new technologies.

Link to the list of SEE-DRUG meetings