NMR Applications in Life Sciences
Exploring Peptides & Proteins-A Tribute to Paul Cordopatis

17-20 June 2015
Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras

This International Conference aims to bring together chemistry, molecular and structural biology and pharmacology and disclose the potential use of NMR in tackling important structure and functional issues of biological systems. The update of the biochemists’, biologists’ and pharmacologists’ community on latest achievements in peptide science, protein production & labeling, and the presentation of NMR structural biology applications is a specific aim of this conference.

In addition, in the context of the conference, we will pay tribute to the late Emeritus Professor Paul Cordopatis for his lifelong contribution and dedication to peptide science and the University of Patras.


  • New trends and applications in Biomolecular NMR & Structural Biology
  • Peptide synthesis, protein production and labeling for NMR Structural Biology
  • Bio NMR and Complementary techniques
  • NMR-based Metabolomics
  • Mechanistic Systems biology
  • In cell NMR
  • Solid state NMR
  • Peptide Chemistry
  • Bioactive Peptides

Opening Lecture:Kurt Wuthrich(ETH, Zurich, CH  & The SCRIPPS, La Jolla, USA)
Invited Speakers:Frederic Allain        
Umit Akbey                
David Andreu
Kleomenis Barlos          
Somer Bekiroglou    
Rolf Boelens            
John Christodoulou
Isabella Felli        
David Fushman            
Torsten Herrmann    
Ferenc Hudecz         
Babis Kalodimos        
MichaeL Kokkinidis
George Kokotos
Akis Liokatis
Claudio Luchinat
Theodosia Maina  
Jean Martinez
Evangelos Moudrianakis
Michael Orfanopoulos
Hartmut Oschkinat    
Tassos Perrakis        
Kyriacos Petratos
Janez Plavec            
Miquel Pons                
Harald Schwalbe
Nikolaos Sgourakis
Kostas Tripsianes      
Paola Turano            
Giannis Vakonakis   
(Zurich, CH)         
(Berlin, DE)             
(Barcelona, ES)
(Patras, GR)       
(Istanbul, TR)             
(Utrecht, NL)             
(London, UK)                          
(Florence, IT)            
(Maryland, USA)           
(Lyon, FR)                
(Budapest, HU)       
(New Jersey, USA)         
(Heraklion, GR)
(Athens, GR)
(Berlin, DE)
(Florence, IT)
(Athens, GR)        
(Montpellier, FR)
 (Baltimore, USA)
(Heraklion, GR)
(Berlin, DE)              
(Amsterdam, NL)           
(Heraklion, GR)            
(Ljubljana, SI)           
(Barcelona, ES)           
(Frankfurt, DE)
(California, USA)
(Brno, CZ)
(Florence, IT)            
(Oxford, UK)  

Travel Grants (including accommodation) will be available for a small number of young researchers

Abstract submission deadline: May 31, 2015

Organizing Committee

George A. Spyroulias, Chairman

Members: Manolis Fousteris, Fotini N. Lamari, Vassiliki Magafa, Nikos Moschonas, Sotirios Nikolaropoulos, George Pairas, Stavros Topouzis, Theodore Tselios

Abstract submission guidelines (More info about abstract submission will be available soon)

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